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The Kumihimo Community
9th-Oct-2008 08:05 pm
You know what Livejournal needs? A little more culture!  Welcome to the one and only community for Kumihimo artists.  Everyone who has an interest in this beautiful and graceful art is welcome to join the fun.  Please tell us all about your experiences with Kumihimo, from how you got started to what new things you have discovered about the craft.  Everyone is more than welcome to share techniques and resources as they're found. 

I sincerely hope there are plenty of people who enjoy and are awed by what can be created with Kumihimo.  Let's bring this to the forefront as the ultimate craft it is! Let's get stingin' people!☺


Your quiet but vigilant moderator kumiqueen25 .

17th-Jan-2009 11:35 am (UTC) - Hiya!!!
I kind of got a little discouraged by the lack of interest but it's great to know that there are enthusiasts out there! I absolutely love kumihimo and everything about it, though I've never used anything other than a marudai. I plan to keep learning though because I want to know everything. Oh and you're right about braidershand.com, I nearly cried when I came across it and I own nearly every book they offer with plans to purchase the rest! I'll do my best to get more involved with the community now that I know you're out there!
17th-Jan-2009 07:27 pm (UTC) - Re: Hiya!!!
Where are you located and have you ever tried doing kumihimo with rayon thread for sewing machine embroidery? Rodrick Owen recommended it as a substitute for silk and I really like using it, much better than embroidery floss or perle cotton.

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